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Popular: 6285, 6210, 6553, Awoken Hestia, Lakshmi Goddess of Fortune, Brahma, Ƙ帝刀の白虞・ハク, ż神・トウタツ, 6534, 6090
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-Transform Cards are fixed at Evolution Chart11/03/20
-Transform Cards are patched at Evolution Chart03/29/20
-Awoken Skills for NA are fixed at Monsterbook03/06/20
-Active and Leader Skill filter + sub-query are rebuilt at Monsterbook03/06/20
-Monsterbook Active and Leader Skill Descriptions will now show at tooltip02/26/20
-Monsterbook has been updated02/25/20

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Game Information

Award Winning #1 Japanese Puzzle RPG! Adventure meets dynamic puzzle gameplay! Explore dungeons with Monsters and Friends! The #1 social puzzle role-playing game from Japan is now available in the US, CA & EU!
Languages: English
Category: Puzzle / RPG
Released: Nov 8, 2012 ( NA ) / Oct 9, 2013 ( EU )
Price: Free
Developer: GungHo Online Entertainment, INC.
North America
iOS 6.0+ AppStore
Android 2.3 - 7.0 Google Play, or Kindle Fire (2nd Generation and up), Kindle Fire HD, or Kindle Fire HDX
iOS 6.0+ AppStore

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EU Puzzle & Dragons Dungeon Schedule

11/23 16:00
11/24 15:59
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11/23 16:00
11/24 15:59
Ruby Dragon Infestation!Ends in:
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Today's EU Daily Bonus ( PST )

04:00 pm - 03:59 pmJunos IslandDrop x 1.5
04:00 pm - 03:59 pmClayus PrisonDrop x 1.5
04:00 pm - 03:59 pmTwin Temple DianaCoins x 2
04:00 pm - 03:59 pmPluto ValleyStam / 2
04:00 pm - 03:59 pmDungeon of DarknessDrop x 1.5